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Alcohol is a very difficult substance to quit, and it can cause serious health problems when abused. In addition, withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can make it difficult or impossible for some people struggling with alcoholism to quit drinking on their own. In some cases, quitting alcohol cold turkey can even be dangerous without medical assistance. Rehab facilities can also provide you with the skills that you need to stay sober after leaving the program.

Inpatient rehab facilities can help you to successfully quit drinking in a medically supervised setting, which is important for those who suffer from withdrawal symptoms after quitting alcohol. Inpatient rehab facilities also offer more intensive counseling than outpatient facilities.

It’s sometimes possible to treat alcoholism at an outpatient rehab facility. While outpatient facilities aren’t able to treat those that have a severe alcohol dependency, they can be very useful to those that have a mild alcohol dependency. Many outpatient rehab facilities prescribe medications to help mitigate alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This allows patients to recover from alcoholism while still remaining in familiar surroundings and remain able to continue going about their ordinary routines, such as attending school and going to work.

There are a number of rehab facilities located in Utah that treat alcoholism. Many of them are covered by major insurance providers. This can make it much easier to pay for treatment.

What Types Of Insurance Cover Alcohol Rehab?

If you have Medicaid, there are a number of rehab facilities in Utah to choose from. For those with a PPO, you also are likely to find a rehab center in Utah that accepts your insurance. If you have an HMO, the situation can be a bit trickier. In some cases, you might not find an alcohol rehab facility in Utah that is covered.

The Church Of The Latter Day Saints:

The Church Of The Latter Day Saints offers assistance to those suffering from alcoholism in Utah. There are a number of Utah rehab facilities that incorporate teachings from The Church Of The Latter Day Saints into their 12 step programs. This is difficult to find in other parts of the country.

What Are Some Of The Best Rehab Facilities In Utah?

Chateau Recovery Center: Chateau Recovery Center is located in Midway, Utah, which is a well known resort town. The facility has gotten a 5 star rating from former patients, and they offer luxurious accommodations. Not only does the facility do a good job of treating alcoholism itself, but they also help to treat the underlying causes of addiction. The Chateau Center helps patients to develop using a whole person approach. This can help you to maintain sobriety after completing the program. Furthermore, the Chateau Center specializes in dual diagnoses of substance abuse and mental health problems.

Cirque Lodge: The Cirque Lodge has two facilities that specialize in treating alcoholism. Their studio facility is located in Orem, Utah near the scenic Provo Canyon. This facility is a multi-story complex that offers luxurious accommodations. They also have a lodge near Sundance, Utah, which also is very luxurious and in a beautiful setting. Both of these facilities offer 24/7 medical care. The medical staff at both facilities are very experienced and provide an exceptional quality of care. Their 12 step programs helps patients to develop life skills to stay sober after leaving the program. Cirque Lodge also specializes in dual diagnoses of substance abuse and mental health problems. Furthermore, many insurance providers are accepted at the Cirque Lodge.

Alpine Recovery Lodge: In addition to treating alcoholism, Alpine Recovery Lodge specializes in helping to treat any mental health problems that underlie the addiction. This counseling focuses on both the emotional and spiritual health of patients. The counselors at Alpine Recovery Lodge are exceptionally skilled. Alpine Recovery Lodge also offers intervention services for those who are unwilling to go to rehab on their own. Furthermore, the facility is quite comfortable and luxurious. Alpine Recovery Lodge has a Joint Commission accreditation, which is only given to a very small number of exceptionally high quality rehab facilities.