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When it comes to addiction, admitting that you have a problem is the first step towards your recovery. However, most drug and alcohol addicts lack the objectivity to admit that they have a problem. But if you do, you are already on the right path. Your next step should be finding a rehabilitation center in your area and join. It’s scary, and maybe it means having to give up all the pieces of your freedom, leave your loved ones behind for some time, and go live in the austere conditions of a rehabilitation center. But it’s a worthwhile step and you’ll have something to be thankful for a few years down the line.

Understanding the Severity of Your Addiction

If your addiction starts to affect your relationships and other aspects of your life negatively, it’s probably time to get some help. There are three levels of addiction: mild, moderate and severe. The severity of your addiction is determined using the addiction criteria. The problem with addiction is that it’s a progressive condition, which means it can always get worse.

Reasons Why Every Drug and Alcohol Addict Should Go To Rehab

  • If you don’t like the way you lead your life anymore, going to rehab can help you get your life back. Don’t let the addiction steal your happiness.
  • The main reason for going to rehab is to save yourself from a life of addiction. Additionally, going to rehab can save your relationships. You will get a chance to reconnect with the people you love.
  • Surrounding yourself with people who have the same mission as you is the best way to accomplish something. Alcohol and drug addictions are no different. Being around other people striving to drop their addiction will have a positive effect.
  • Going to rehab can save your life. The number of fatalities resulting from substance abuse is surprisingly high. Seeking help by visiting a rehabilitation center can save your life.

Choosing a Rehabilitation Centre

There are two types of rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol addicts. You can go for in-patient or out-patient. In-patient programs require the individual seeking treatment to reside within the facility. Outpatient rehab centers, on the other hand, allow patients to reside outside the facilities and only come in during their treatment hours. Out-patient rehabilitation programs allow individuals go on about their daily activities while receiving treatment. When choosing the type of program for a loved one, it’s important to consider all the facets of the recovery process as well as their personal needs.

Drug Rehab Centres in North Carolina

There are many rehabilitation centers in North Carolina. The centers mentioned below have built a reputation over the years due to their effectiveness in helping alcohol and drug addicts drop their habits. They also offer good food and nutrition, have well-trained staff and pleasant overall experience.

  • Freedom House Recovery Centre, Chapel Hill.
  • Pavillon, Mill Spring.
  • Two Dreams Outer Banks, Corolla.
  • Oxford Houses, Greensboro.
  • Freedom Farm Ministries, Boone.
  • Wilmington Treatment Centre, Wilmington.
  • Four Circles Recovery Centre, Horse Shoe.
  • Western Carolina Rescue Ministries, Asheville.
  • Assessments by Yount, Waynesville.
  • Phoenix Outdoor, Old Fort.

If you reside in North Carolina and you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, any of the above rehabilitation centers can provide proper treatment and help you drop the habit.

Will My Health Insurance Pay For My Rehab Fees?

Financial limitations are the biggest reason people with drug and alcohol addiction fail to seek help in rehab centers. Most of them either have insufficient health insurance coverage or don’t have insurance at all. Depending on the type of policy you have, health insurance can pay for both in-patient and out-patient treatment in rehab centers, related medication, detox, concurring medical conditions, and follow-up counseling.