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Many people struggle with alcoholism, but help is available for those who are willing to seek it out. Some people look to their families and friends, and that often results in success, but some people find that they need a little bit more. In those cases, the best results usually come from turning to a rehab center. There are plenty of them available to the people of West Virginia, and they all have a lot to offer to anyone who need help moving past an addiction.

Why Choose Rehab?

Recovering from an addiction to alcohol is a difficult task, and getting help from a rehab center can make the process easier. Part of the benefit comes from the superior environment that a rehab clinic can offer during the recovery process. It offers seclusion from the influences that encourage people to drink, and it also prevents the easy access to alcohol that can make it too easy to succumb to cravings. These factors greatly increase the patient’s odds of success.

A rehab center can also offer professional support. Many of them provide counselors that can address the underlying problems that cause people to start drinking in the first place. This sort of support is very difficult to get outside of a rehab clinic, but it can make all the difference. Most rehab clinics also have medical professionals on staff who can help patients deal with the physical aspects of recovery as their body adjusts to an alcohol-free existence.

In-patient or Out-patient?

Every client faces the choice between an in-patient or an out-patient treatment plan. There are plenty of rehab clinics that only offer one of the two options, but there are just as many that allow patients to choose either one. It’s best to put some thought into this choice. While there are reasons to pick either options, most people will find that one option is much better for them than the other.

An out-patient treatment involves regular visits to the clinic, but the patient generally has the opportunity to maintain their usual lifestyle. This allows them to meet all of their obligations for school or work, which makes this option very attractive to many people. People who are uncomfortable spending long periods of time in a clinical environment can also benefit from this choice.

In-patient treatment involves staying at the rehab center for a long time. This offers more security against temptation and more opportunities for counseling, so it often increases the odds of a successful treatment. That makes it popular with people who are willing and able to abandon their old life for the duration of the treatment, or with people who have a particularly harsh struggle with addiction.


Almost every rehab clinic will accept a few different types of insurance. Most will accept insurance from at least one private provider, although many will also reject a few other providers. Medicaid and insurance from the Affordable Care Act are also accepted in most cases. When in doubt, patients should ask the rehab center about their policies to avoid surprises.

Rehab in West Virginia

The residents of Huntington often turn to the Riverpark Hospital when they need help with an addiction. The hospital is known for both the quality of its service and the variety of options that it offers, which have ensured that it stays popular. Fairmont General Hospital is popular for similar reasons, while the VA also provides treatment for the state’s military veterans. There are plenty of other options in the rest of the state, both in the form of large hospitals and small clinics, so most people can find something that meets their needs withou