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There are dozens of alcohol addiction treatment facilities in the state of Vermont. Vermont is among the top states in the country with excessive alcohol dependence. Because of the staggering numbers associated with alcohol-related crimes, Vermont officials have taken steps to increase treatment options and apply grants towards addiction research.

When to Seek Treatment

If you’re dealing with an addiction to alcohol, it might be time to seek professional treatment. Sure, you can try self-recovery approaches, but many find these to be difficult to achieve and sustain. Rehabilitation centers don’t have to be scary, as they are full of caring individuals who understand your struggle. You will not be a patient of these facilities, but rather a resident who is making use of the facility’s services. You will be surrounded by people who are overcoming their own addictions, too, allowing you to become a supportive group of individuals looking to get better together.

The best time to seek treatment is when you’re ready to recover. If you’re living your days committed to alcohol and can’t seem to find your way out, you need professional help. If you’ve continually tried self-recovery and always go back into the never-ending cycle of drinking alcohol to cope with life’s problems, you can benefit from a rehab center.

In-Patient and Out-Patient Information

In-patient treatment facilities are the most popular because of their high success rate. This isn’t to say that out-patient centers aren’t successful in their approach to addiction, but that most people find living in a facility helps them overcome their addiction easier and quicker. You will have access to medical care and counseling day and night. Your days while in-patient will be filled with counseling, assessments, therapy and 12-step program components.

Out-patient is great for addicts who still need to go to work, tend to their loved ones or deal with everyday responsibilities. These people can’t spend 24 hours a day in a rehab center for months at a time. Out-patient is successful at helping people learn to live without alcohol. You will attend support groups and therapy sessions to better understand the reasoning behind your addiction and ways to cope without resorting to drinking.

Insurance Coverage Options

Almost every health insurance company will cover the costs of alcohol addiction treatment. While you might be limited to the facility of your choosing and the percentage of coverage, you can seek rehabilitation at a low and affordable price. Providers such as Medicaid and Medicare offer full coverage to addicts seeking treatment. Secondary treatment may not be covered, which means that if you go to rehab, come out and want to go back in, you will have to pay the full fee on your own.

Your insurance company will tell you what is covered and will work with the rehab center to determine a cost-effective plan for your recovery. Health insurance companies sometimes try to take the easy way out when it comes to lowering costs, so be wary of what your provider will and will not cover. This can help you avoid a hefty bill from the treatment facility upon your release because one or more of the therapies weren’t covered by your insurance.

Rehab Centers in Vermont

Below are some of the best known alcohol rehab centers in Vermont. All of these facilities have a high success rate, with thousands of people seeking treatment from them each year.

Howard Center

This facility is geared towards women’s recovery from alcohol and drug dependence. They take a holistic and spiritual approach to recovery, offering a wide range of luxury amenities to further aid comfort. The center is located in the heart of Burlington and provides short-term in-patient care lasting 30 days.

Phoenix Houses of New England

Located in Brattleboro, Vermont, this gorgeous facility is generalized to women and men of all ages. Aftercare treatment, such as halfway housing and therapy, are available to those who are in need of additional rehabilitation. Long-term in-patient care ranges from 30 to 90 days, with the most common stay being two months.

Maple Leaf

In Underhill, you’ll find the Maple Leaf Addiction Recovery Center. The facility offers rehabilitation from both alcohol and drug addiction, with long-term programs being the most popular. They take a wide range of health insurance plans, including but not limited to, Medicaid, Medicare, private providers and state-governed insurance.