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Alcohol addiction affects more than 14 million people nationwide. Tennessee has seen an increase in alcohol dependence over the past several years, with many underage youths becoming addicted. The state has used government-issued grants to provide better rehabilitation centers to those seeking treatment. In Tennessee alone, there are about 40 recovery facilities specifically designed for addicts.

Why Rehab is the Best Choice

Alcohol rehab is important for heavy users who have been overcome by their addictions. Most addicts will try self-recovery before checking themselves into rehab, but this approach doesn’t work for everyone. Getting professional help for your treatment is essential if you’ve tried recovering on your own in the past with no success. Rehab centers have a stigma that might cause an addict to avoid reaching out for help. What you need to know is that these facilities aren’t scary or invasive. You will be surrounded by professional caring experts who understand the components of addiction and recovery. You’ll also be living with other addicts who understand your struggles and journey.

Benefits of In-Patient and Out-Patient Care

In-patient care is essential for heavy alcoholics who have tried other recovery methods in the past. You’ll check into the facility for anywhere from 30 to 90 days. During that time, you’ll have access to medical care and therapy 24 hours a day. You’ll share a room with one or more addicts who will support each other.

Out-patient allows you to come and go from the treatment center throughout the week without committing to staying there full-time. This option is perfect for addicts who work full-time, have families or other outside responsibilities. In order for out-patient to work, you need to go through the full program. You shouldn’t miss therapy sessions or avoid going because you don’t feel like it as this will do nothing for your overall recovery.

What Insurance Will Pay

While every insurance company is different, it’s safe to say that most providers will cover all or a percentage of the costs associated with alcohol rehabilitation. Government-provided insurance, such as Medicaid and Medicare, will cover the full cost of your treatment. Private insurance companies may only cover up to 80 percent of the facility’s fees, making you responsible for the rest of the bill. To find out about coverage, check your insurance handbook or contact them directly. Your provider may only approve certain Tennessee-based facilities, so you’ll be limited to where you can go.

Facilities in Tennessee

Below are a list of some of the top-rated Tennessee rehab facilities. Many of these centers work with a range of insurance providers, making them affordable or completely free.

Focus Healthcare of Tennessee

Focus Healthcare is located in Chattanooga and offers residential long-term detoxification for alcoholics. They take a medical approach to recovery, coupled with traditional therapy and 12-step program components.

Mission Teens

Designed for adolescents, Mission Teens can be found in Crossville, Tennessee. They have a faith-based treatment program that teaches advanced coping skills for youths who have serious drug or alcohol problems. The recovery process is either free or low-cost for families who are struggling financially.

Miracle Lake

You’ll find Miracle Lake in beautiful Etowah. Their residential long-term in-patient programming helps addicts of all ages defeat their alcoholism. They have professionals on staff 24 hours a day to provide around-the-clock treatment. Miracle Lake is known for their church and faith-based recovery approach.

Place of Hope

Columbia is home to Place of Hope, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that has helped thousands since its inception. They provide halfway housing placement for addicts who do not have a place to go upon release. Partial hospitalization is available to heavy addicts who are going through alcohol withdrawal.