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In the state of Rhode Island, there are just over 12 rehabilitation centers designed for alcohol addiction. Hundreds of people check into these facilities each year and come out a better and more fulfilled person. Living with alcoholism can be a long and difficult road. Many use drinking to escape daily problems, stress and even mental health issues. Unfortunately, alcohol only makes these problems worse and can even cause more issues on top of what you’re already going through. Seeking professional treatment can help you overcome your addiction to alcohol to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When to Check In

The best time to check into a rehab facility is if you are ready to recover. If you’ve found that you cannot go through life without drinking or that your alcohol problems are affecting relationships and jobs, you need professional help. Rehabilitation centers don’t have to be scary, as many addicts find they are personable and comfortable places to stay. Some may even look at rehab as a little slice of heaven away from the everyday problems they face in life. Rehab is a relaxing and gentle way of overcoming alcoholism.

Choosing Between In-Patient and Out-Patient

The most common form of rehab is in-patient care, as this allows people to check into the facility and stay there day and night for months at a time. In-patient care has a high success rate because it removes the addict from their typical environment and teaches them important coping skills before being released. Most in-patient care lasts for about 30 days, but there are facilities that provide housing for up to three months.

Out-patient care has its perks, too, since this option is perfect for addicts who still have outside responsibilities. If you have a job or family to care for, you should seek out-patient care as a form of treatment. You will be required to check into the facility several times each week for assessment and therapy.

Insurance Coverage for Rehab

For individuals on Medicaid or Medicare, the full cost of your treatment will be covered. Private insurance providers may only cover a percentage of rehab, but it will still reduce the cost of treatment for you. Insurance companies can be picky when it comes to what they will and will not cover, so read over rehab coverage guidelines when looking through your insurance handbook. For example, your provider may only cover in-patient care up to 30 days, so you’ll need to avoid going to a facility that only has 60-day programs available unless you’re comfortable paying half the bill.

Rehab Centers in Rhode Island

While there are many rehabilitation centers in Rhode Island, below are some of the most reputable and popular.

Phoenix House

This facility is located in Burrilville and is specifically designed for adolescent drug and alcohol abusers. Treatment is either completely free for residents or affordably low-cost. They offer in-patient detoxification care to both girls and boys, who will be housed separately during treatment.

Tri Hab King House

Located in Woonsocket, RI, you’ll find the Tri Hab King House. Established by Gateway Healthcare, this facility is ideal for addicts of all ages. They offer both in-patient and out-patient care, with a focus on holistic healing.

Bridgemark INC

Bridgemark INC is found in Warwick, Rhode Island and has a variety of therapies and treatments available to both adolescents and adults. They take a more medically-based approach to treatment and offer hospitalization to heavy addicts detoxifying from substance abuse. Bridgemark also offers aftercare halfway housing to people who entered the center without having a place to live.