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Alcohol addiction is a serious condition that really can’t be handled without the help of trained counselors and 12-step programs. But before a person gets to that point, they have to recognize that they have a problem with alcohol in the first place. This first step isn’t always easy to make. The following list will outline some of the behaviors that may indicate that you or a loved one has an addiction to alcohol:

Inpatient and Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Oklahoma

  • Your loved ones have talked to you about your problematic drinking habits
  • You’ve been pulled over for driving under the influence
  • You can’t start the day without a drink
  • You imbibe alcohol by yourself most nights
  • Your job or career is affected by your drinking
  • Your relationships are affected by your drinking
  • You go out of your way to have a drink
  • You experience blackouts on a regular basis
  • You’re concerned about your drinking habits

There are two main types of alcohol rehab programs: inpatient and outpatient programs. With inpatient programs, you will reside in an alcohol rehab facility for a set amount of time. While you’re at the Oklahoma rehab center, you will attend individual sessions with a therapist, participate in group therapy sessions, and get support from a peer community who also experienced issues with alcohol addiction. Before you’re discharged from the center, you will be set up with an individual therapist, 12-step programs in your city or town, and other types of programs you may need.

People who attend outpatient alcohol rehab programs in Oklahoma live at home while they attend individual and group therapy sessions and get introduced to 12-step programs. With most outpatient programs, the daily schedule lasts most of the workday. Therefore, you will probably not get the chance to go to work while you’re doing an outpatient rehab program. While the loss of income may be a downside for some people, they should note that alcohol dependence is a crippling addiction. They will need to scrape together all of their resources to fight this battle. This is hard to do if you’re worrying about work issues at the same time.


If you have a private insurer, you will probably find at least one alcohol rehab center in Oklahoma that accepts your insurance. Contact your insurance company to get a list of Oklahoma rehab centers with which they developed a partnership. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you might experience some difficulty finding a program in your area that has available spots. While you may have to do more digging than a person with private insurance, patience and perseverance should eventually get you a spot in an Oklahoma rehab facility.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Oklahoma

Clay Crossing

Located in Maud, Clay Crossing is a Christian alcohol rehab center for men. The center actually grows its own food through an aquaponic system that grows plants and fish together. The facility also produces their own eggs. Clay Crossing has trails where residents can jog and ponds where people can fish.

Alcohol Training and Education

Located in Midwest City, Alcohol Training and Education treats Oklahoma residents who deal with alcohol dependency, domestic violence, anger management, and other issues surrounding alcohol and drug addiction. In this outpatient program, participants go to individual and group therapy sessions, receive recommendations for help from other agencies, and attempt to regain their driver’s license. Participants can get back their drivers’ licenses after they complete their set of programs.