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Almost 15 percent of New York residents drink alcohol in excess, with most of those individuals living in the Manhattan area. Alcoholism is the leading cause of automobile accidents in the country and it has become a real issue for people who struggle with addiction. Self-recovery can be a long and difficult road, so most people seek professional guidance by going to a rehab center.

When and Why You Need to Go to Rehab

Alcohol addiction can overtake your life and ruin relationships and career prospects. Turning to alcohol is an all-too easy strategy to numb emotions and mental issues. It is time to seek treatment if you’ve reached the end of your rope and know that you need professional help. You might have tried to self-recover but always go back to old habits. Now is the time for you to check out some local New York rehabilitation centers and check yourself into the one that fits your needs.

Benefits of In-Patient and Out-Patient Recovery

In-patient programs allow you to stay within the rehab facility for anywhere from 30 to 90 days. During that time, you will have access to medical care and counseling 24 hours a day. In-patient treatment is essential for heavy alcoholics who need to be in a specialized environment to overcome their addiction.

Out-patient enables you to make regular trips to the facility throughout the week while maintaining your daily lifestyle. This option is ideal for addicts who still need to go to work, tend to their families or take care of other responsibilities and cannot be stuck in a treatment center 24 hours a day. Out-patient care is just as comprehensive as in-patient, but some feel this strategy isn’t for them because they are still living in their old environment, making recovery more difficult.

Insurance Coverage Options

Almost all insurance companies will cover the cost of alcohol addiction recovery. Providers such as Medicaid and Medicare cover the full cost of treatment, while other private companies cover a large percentage of what you’ll owe when checking in. It’s not necessarily about whether or not your insurance will cover your treatment, but what percentage they will pay out to the facility. Check your insurance handbook and look in the mental health and addiction recovery section for more information. You can also call your provider and ask about alcohol rehabilitation and what is covered, as well as which New York facilities take your insurance.

Well-Known Rehab Centers in New York

Over 300,000 New Yorkers received help for their addiction problems in 2011 alone, making the state one of the leaders for alcohol dependence recovery. Here are some of the best known rehab centers in the state:

Creedmoor Addiction Treatment

Creedmoor is located in Albany, the capital of New York. It has in-patient and out-patient services available and treats people of all ages. They offer luxury and home-like amenities to keep treatment personable and relaxing. Self-help aftercare programming is offered in adjunct to addiction treatment.

Daytop Village

In Far Rockaway, you’ll find the beautiful Daytop Village addiction retreat. Their take on addiction is that they treat the person, not the addiction. You will receive a full assessment and treatment plan that is personalized to your individual needs. Holistic and medical approaches are taken during the recovery process.

Bronx Addiction Treatment Center

Located in the Bronx, this in-depth facility offers in-patient care to individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Programs catered to specific demographics, such as men, women and criminal justice clients, help personalize each individual’s experience. The supportive community within the facility makes recovery easier than trying to go at it on your own.