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Alcoholism is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States. Heavy, long-term use of alcohol is harmful to the human body due to its profound impacts on vital body organs such as the liver, heart, pancreas, and the brain. The only way a person suffering from alcohol addiction can attain balance in their life is through professional help. At high levels of addiction, one can’t just stop the habit without professional alcohol treatment. The subsequent withdrawal symptoms could have life-threatening effects on the health of the addicted individual.

Why Is Going To an Alcohol Rehab Centre So Important?

Seeking professional help at an alcohol rehab center is better than a home-based detox and recovery program in so many ways. Here are a few benefits of going to an alcohol rehab center:


A rehab-based alcohol treatment provides referrals and aftercare support to ensure that the patient will continue to have recovery assistance when they finally leave the facility. This is the final and one of the most significant steps in an addict’s journey towards recovery.

Peer Support

There will be other people struggling with other forms of addictions in a rehab center. Having someone to talk to and share experiences will reflect positively on a patient’s recovery process.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is common among recovering addicts. It is easy to relapse if you attempt an in-house detox and recovery process which can lead to fatal issues. In an alcohol treatment center, measures have been put in place to prevent such cases.


As stated earlier, any attempt to stop drinking after a long-term heavy use of alcohol can have serious health withdrawal-related issues. Rehab centers are equipped to deal with such emergencies and avoid potential fatalities.

Besides helping a patient overcome the habit, going to rehab has a lot of other life changing effects on the individual. It is a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Should you Opt for Outpatient or Inpatient Addiction Rehab Program?

If you or someone you love is exhibiting the common signs of alcoholism, consider going to an alcohol rehab center to seek help. Depending on your personal needs and the severity of your alcoholism, you can choose to go to an outpatient or an inpatient alcohol rehab center. Both programs are effective, and each one of them comes with its unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

In an outpatient rehab center, patients get to go back to their homes after treatment hours. They have the ability to continue with their daily lives as usual as they receive treatment. On the other hand, inpatient rehabilitation centers require their patients to reside within the facilities in the course of their treatment. Depending on the patient’s preferences and specific needs, the treatment could last anywhere between 28-90 days. Inpatient rehabilitation programs provide a conducive, sober environment perfect for recovery besides the plethora of other unique benefits.

Reputable Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in New Jersey

There is a high number of rehabilitation centers in New Jersey. Below we have sampled some of the best alcohol addiction treatment and recovery centers in the state based on the effectiveness of their treatment, reputation, nutrition, the level of professionalism among other factors. Take a look:

  • Career Clinic, NJ
  • Strategies for Families
  • Saint Clares Health Services
  • The Milestone House
  • Hunterdon Med CRT/Addiction CRT Services
  • Christ Hospital
  • Cathedral Healthcare System
  • Evergreen Treatment Center
  • Straight and Narrow Inc.

Does My Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Rehabilitation?

Yes, if you have the right coverage. Some of the policy options available vis-à-vis alcohol and drug addiction treatments include in-patient and out-patient treatment, resultant medical conditions, detox, prescription drugs, and follow-up counselling coverage.