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Every year, thousands of people seek help from professionals for alcohol dependency. The success of rehab treatment often depends on the quality of the staff at alcohol rehabilitation centers, as well as the motivation of the individual seeking treatment. The following is an overview of alcohol rehabilitation centers located in the Nebraska area and the benefits they have to offer. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, it may benefit you to contact a rehabilitation center for information on the programs they offer.

The Benefits Of Outpatient Treatment

Many people opt for outpatient alcohol rehabilitation. The primary benefits of choosing this flexible program include:

  • Less Disruptive To The Participants Normal Lifestyle
  • It Helps Participants Maintain Their Privacy
  • It Is Less Isolating Than Inpatient Treatment
  • It Is Less Costly Than Inpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment may be less daunting than inpatient treatment, which may be a factor in those who are reluctant to seek help. This type of program is more flexible than inpatient rehab and it allows the participant to integrate it into their normal routine.

The Benefits Of Inpatient Treatment

For some people, outpatient treatment is simply not an option. Inpatient treatment is more restrictive, but is often the best choice for someone who is really struggling with their addiction. The benefits of choosing an impatient rehab facility are:

  • Participants Are Supervised Day And Night
  • It Is An Easy Transition From Detox
  • The Care Is More Intensive And Often More Sucessful
  • It Is Safe For Participants With A History Of Self-Harm
  • Better Completion Rates Among Participants
  • It Removes Triggers For Addictive Behavior

Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers In Nebraska

The following are outpatient rehabilitation centers available for those who are seeking treatment for their addiction to alcohol:

  • Arbor Family Counseling Associates Inc.
  • Discovery Center
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Heartland Family Service

Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers In Nebraska

Below are some popular inpatient centers available in the Nebraska area:

  • Antlers Inc.
  • Behavioral Health Specialists Inc.
  • Chicano Awareness Center
  • Bryan LGH Medical Center West Dependency Center
  • Abintra Counseling Center


Before enrolling in any Nebraska alcohol rehabilitation program, it is important to check with your insurance provider to determine how much they cover. While some insurance companies cover alcohol rehab treatment, many only cover a percentage of treatment which may result in outstanding bills. You may also contact the Nebraska rehab center of your choice and ask if they take your type of health insurance.

While it is never easy beating any type of addiction, you will certainly improve your chances by entering an alcohol rehab program in Nebraska that works for you. Taking charge of your addiction and enrolling in rehab is the first step toward a sober future.