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Excessive alcohol use is a problem facing most citizens in Louisiana. The problem causes adverse health impacts like injuries, violence, alcohol poisoning, mental health problems, social problems and risky behaviors like unprotected sex, among many other conditions. Most alcohol users in Louisiana are aware of these issues but abandoning the lifestyle is a challenge.

Here in we look at how one can use alcohol rehab centers to stop alcoholism. We also look at the various alcohol rehab centers that provide reputable services in Louisiana.

Alcohol rehab centers

Overcoming addiction is a difficult task that requires the intervention of qualified service providers. Alcohol rehab centers are service providers that help an alcohol user to abandon alcoholism through a set of activities like supervised drug detox, counseling, behavioral therapy and ongoing assistive programs designed to help an alcohol user to adopt into the new life of sobriety.

Because people have different needs when it comes to alcohol rehabilitation, drug rehab service providers offer services that cater to the needs of every client. The standard drug rehabilitation services are in- patient and out- patient services.

Benefits of out-patient rehab

Outpatient drug rehab is suitable for individuals who are in the early stages of addiction and those who have just completed their inpatient drug rehab treatment. In outpatient drug rehab, a person’s family members and friends offer the extra support necessary to help the affected person to cope up with the sober life. Out-patient rehab is also affordable compared to inpatient treatment. It is, therefore, recommended for individuals whose financial status cannot cater for inpatient rehab services.

Benefits of in-patient rehab

Inpatient rehab is often recommended for all drug users more so those with a history of severe alcohol consumption. The service is also suitable for people who need 24-hour supervision, those who are violent towards others and themselves, those who live in environments that can trigger alcohol use and those who have ever faced relapse.

What types of insurance cover alcohol rehab?

In Louisiana, addicts can receive insurance coverage to help them cater for their addictive disorder services. Louisiana Medicaid covers individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, children, senior citizens and those living with disabilities. The insurance scheme gives priority to women and drug users whose treatment regime entails Intravenous treatment.

Alcohol rehab centers in Louisiana

The efficiency of a drug rehab program depends on who gives the service. In Louisiana, there are different drug rehab centers. Here we recommend a few of the drug rehab facilities where you might get the best service.

1. Saint Helena Alcohol Drug Abuse Clinic

The alcohol abuse clinic is based in Greensburg, Louisiana. Besides alcohol, the clinic also offers drug rehabilitation for people addicted to other drugs. The clinic provides outpatient services for women, men, children, and seniors. The clinic accepts public insurance policies and poor citizens benefit from their payment assistance program.

2. Florida Parishes Human Services Authority- Hammond Addictive Disorders Clinic

Based in Hammond, Hammond Addictive Disorders Clinic serves people addicted to alcohol, tobacco, and other common street drugs. The addiction treatment facility is respected because of its unique treatment program that employs a non-medical approach to rehabilitation that is complemented by counseling services.

3. First step Detox

Located in Lafayette, the drug rehab clinic serves individuals who are unable to control their drinking or drug use lifestyle. The hospital employs a set of education therapies and treatment methods to help an individual start a productive life.

Drug addict centers help individuals to overcome drug addiction and embrace a productive life. A successful treatment program requires one to choose a reputable service provider whose services are affordable and guarantee long-term results.