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There are various ways to beat alcohol addiction. Some people may choose to stop taking alcohol while those who cannot stop themselves seek help from alcohol rehab centers. Rehab centers help individuals who struggle with addictions a lot. They provide the medical, emotional and psychological support needed by the addict. Sadly, only a small group of those who need alcohol addiction treatment get the professional assistance they require. Many don’t have the money to pay for these services. Addicts who are lucky enough to find a rehab center always have a choice to make. They can opt for outpatient or inpatient rehab.

Outpatient rehab

This is the alcoholism treatment program where a person goes for treatment during the day and then goes home once the sessions are over. The medical support needed for the necessary detox is provided during the recovery period. They also offer psychological and emotional support. This option suits the people who live with their family and do not have the time or enough funds to attend an inpatient rehab.


  • The treatment is structured in a way that one can still continue with their usual daily activities.
  • Counseling sessions are often conducted in the evening or weekend.
  • One gets to apply what they learn in a real life setting.
  • The program includes family sessions to help them understand the challenges an individual is facing.
  • The programs are more affordable, and most insurance providers cover them.

Inpatient rehab

In this program, the individual leaves their home and moves to the treatment center full-time. This experience is totally immersive and offers the individual a chance to shut out all the outside distractions so as to solely focus on their recovery. Inpatient rehab, however, needs adequate time and financial commitment. The length of the time one stays in these centers depends on their situation, diagnosis, needs, and insurance coverage.


  • A person gets 24-hour supervision from therapists and trained staff.
  • One is part of a community of people who are also trying to overcome their addictions.
  • The program provides high levels of care especially for those who have tried battling with substance abuse and failed, and they want to try again.
  • The environment helps one to focus solely on recovery through individual and group counseling settings and other treatment exercises offered.
  • There are no distractions of daily activities or worries during the treatment.

Health Insurance plans often cover rehab costs. Some of the renowned insurance providers who have such plans include Cigna, Anthem, Aetna, Humana, Health Net, Wellcare, Molina, UnitedHealthcare, and Centene Corporation.

Best Rehabs in Indiana

Tara Treatment Center

This treatment center accommodates the people who are seeking to recover from alcohol and drug abuse. It is located at Franklin on 13 acres of land. The treatment program offered incorporates 12-step programs concepts, psycho-educational components, and evidence-based therapy. The services offered cover outpatient therapy and full detoxification.


Located in Richmond, Centerstone is an organization that provides addiction and mental health services. It is one of the sixty facilities in Indiana that serve more than 20,000 children, adolescents, seniors, and adults each year. Their team members include psychiatrists, practitioners, nurses, social workers, psychologist, among others.

Life Recovery Centre

This is an outpatient recovery center located in Indianapolis. They seek to help those who are struggling with different issues such as substance abuse and addiction. The treatment programs are divided into three levels with each level lasting for 10-20 weeks or as per the customer’s needs.

Amethyst House

This center is named after a stone believed to have prevented people from intoxication. This Bloomington location has one transitional home for children and women and two for men. Full outpatient services are also given to those who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.