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Alcoholism is a life-altering, deadly disease, but one treatable once a person identifies the problem and seeks change. Although beating an addiction to alcoholism isn’t easy, many resources make the process less burdensome. This is particularly true of the many New Mexico alcohol rehab centers, offering both in-patient and out-patient support that can change the life of an addict drastically.

Why Attend Alcohol Rehab in New Mexico?

Alcohol rehab in New Mexico is available for both in-patient and out-patient treatment. Each treatment option provides its own pros and cons. The best for your needs is better determined after an initial consultation with the addiction counselors.

Attending alcohol rehab allows you to learn how to beat your addiction through a variety of programs and services, including treatment steps, individual and group counseling, lifestyle changes, and more. In-patient treatment is more intense than out-patient, designed for those who need that extra helping hand to beat their addiction.

Do I Have a Problem with Alcohol?

The problem with alcohol addiction is that oftentimes, those affected are unable to see that they have a problem, despite how clear it is for outsiders to see. Many people believe that, because alcohol is legal and sold in stores, they’re unable to become addicted or dependent upon the substance and that it cannot cause problems. This is untrue and addiction to alcohol can occur to anyone, at any time, regardless of their background or current life experiences. In its wake, alcohol addiction can lead to health problems, destroyed relationships, employment problems and more.

Many signs indicate a problem with alcohol. Those signs include:

  • Alcohol addiction can destroy relationships with family members, spouses, children, and even friends.
  • Alcohol addiction may cause the person to encounter problems with the law they wouldn’t otherwise have endured.
  • Feeling of being nervous when you don’t have alcohol; the need to start your day off with alcohol or the feeling of being unable to maintain without alcohol.
  • Engage in risky behaviors
  • You black out or cannot remember events that happened
  • You become violent when you drink alcohol

Top New Mexico Alcohol Rehabs

Choosing a quality rehab is vital to successful treatment. Throughout the state of New Mexico, many alcohol rehab facilities exist. Of them, the following names are most recommended.

1. Santa Fe Recovery Center

Located in Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Recovery Center offers alcohol treatment for all severities of addiction. Each patient at the SFRC receives personalized, one-on-one treatment designed for their specific needs. Caring and attentive staff make treatment much easier for the addict, increasing the odds of a successful recovery.

2. Adapt & Recover

In Los Alamos, New Mexico, the Adapt & Recover alcohol rehab center is hanging lives. This facility accepts most insurance plans, with both in-patient and out-patient treatment programs available. With the intensive services offered at Adapt & Recover, you can finally put alcohol addiction and the problems it brings your way in the past.

3. St. Martin’s Hospitality Center

The St. Martin’s Hospitality Center is located in Albuquerque. The center provides tailored treatment to those battling alcohol addiction. The facility not only helps an addict overcome their addiction, but get their life back on the right track with employment and housing assistance, and many other programs.